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"The Quiet Hours. It's very different to their debut album. This album is darker, progressive, heavier and the band showing a more confident ruthless streak as they venture into some pretty dark places. Recluse have created an excellent album to impress you with. If you want riffs, riffs and more riffs with a whole ton of excitement then The Quiet Hours is the album for you. All in all, The Quiet Hours is an exciting album for you to immerse yourself with. Highly Recommended."



"The Quiet Hours is a worthy second album to their cause, with layers of scuzzy, growling riffs occasionally giving way to trippy and more upbeat moments. There is also plenty of thought given to decent melodies, which sets this band apart from some of their gloomier contemporaries"

4* Buzz Magazine


"Horrible Beautiful and Move Me, are fairly ordinary and straight forward, setting the scene (sound wise) for Recluse. Temper shows a different side, upping the game somewhat: the bass kicks it all off before the whole group dive in, a definite groove holding it together with some nice twists and turns all in keeping with the mood. A stunner of a tune. Now You're Gone is a barely restrained animal, the feedback always threatening to scream out and over a song swamped with melancholy. Hard-edged guitar begins Leper Captain, it turns into a grinding melodic Rock song. And listen to that solo. And the neat time-change. A solid riff stamped right across the song with vocals that sail above it all. A lone guitar lazily strums out the opening riff for Machine' Way, the group filling it out before the pace slows. The next number, Soothe with it's funky bassline and shifting drums is an awesome and beguiling tune with a stand out riff/vocal melody. A change in mood is delivered in the guise of Bury Us Separately: acoustic guitar and bass interweave in classic style before returning to firmer Rock territory. Augustus pushes the dirt to the fore again with a well considered song, it never takes too long to build up. Ectropion fools you with its (over-long) quiet intro but when Recluse start making noise it all makes up for it before returning to a quiet closure. Drums and then phased bass announce Cherry, a cool fuzzed out groove flowing through its veins. It shifts up a gear halfway into an improvised and short section to conclude in classic 70s fashion. I Only Pretend To Know: a lost song from the pen of Nick Drake, heavy with atmosphere."

Mute Print


"It is possible to perceive a small dusty quality in strength of The Quiet Hours. Not that the music sound dated, but past reside in the music as little old influences valuably preserved that come through. A bit like an echo of past and preserved in a time capsule. The music can be rough but retains genuine melancholy dimensions which are not concealed. The vocals know how to be fragile without being neither weak nor whining. In the same way the instruments know how to be powerful without taking up all the space. Rather, it is the band as a whole that manages to roar together and fill the space it has reserved."

Les Immortels


"A dose of heavy duty Metallic stoner blues... production is raw as fuck giving the album a live plug-in-n'-play feel that harks back to the good old days when the likes of Cream, Zeppelin and Taste prowled the country's stages and several tracks offer potential for extended live wig outs. 'All Of A Sudden' has a definite swampy feel to its boogie and 'Dirty Blond', 'Lover', 'In Retrospect' and 'Heartjacker' are riff heavy work outs that could more than hold their own against the American Desert Session bands... Along the lines of a more direct Clutch, this album is not hip or glamorous, reeking as it does of beer, beards and diesel. The beautiful ones at your local rock watering hole will most certainly hate it... 'Crooked Heart' is a slow burning, chunky, bluesy, riff-fest suggesting that if Recluse can accept and develop the fucking great mix they have stumbled on here then they could be onto something special; something very, very special indeed."

Metal Talk


"Crooked Heart is a brilliant piece for British rock! Come on Over introduces the album quite well with some skilfully crafted guitar work combining beautifully with drums...All the songs are genuinely infectious...The beginning of All of a Sudden is strange, an echoing of the tune is played which sends the ears awry, making it feel like your brain might melt at any minute and drip from your ears onto the surrounding areas around you...The band are clearly big fans of long instrumentals as they're dotted throughout the album, but they're so intense and complex that you don't find yourself getting bored, more loving every minute of it...What separates Recluse from other bands available on the market today is that they're not producing the same thing that everyone else is... every song is unique and is done justice...Recluse offer the British music scene a fighting chance with this album. Amazing guitar riffs put into great songs, making this an album to be listened to by any fan of rock."

Room Thirteen


"All 11 tracks of Crooked Heart are pure dynamite. Starting with opening track Come on Over, the catchy riffs and impassioned vocals keep you hooked throughout. Second track All of a Sudden sweeps you away on a voyage of musical magic. Third track Passing Cars is for me is the stand out track of the album, the track is just so emotionally charged. In Retrospect is track number four is energetic, bass heavy and hard hitting and leads nicely in to Heartjacker which in comparison to the rest of the album is the edgiest track. Dirty Blonde, Hush and Lover are also flawless tracks each sound slightly different yet with the unique sound of Recluse. While Crown of Sleep shows a different side to Recluse, haunting vocals, it's something very special. The final two tracks Porterhouse Blues and Calmer Killer are decent tracks and show that, if this is what Recluse have to offer 2012 should be their year."

The Bite Magazine


“From the opening riffs of Come On Over there’s a real sense of funky good time rock to these guys... Softened vocals contrast against the powerful music before building to an equally powerful crescendo, matching the pounding backing music and giving the sound a sense of the South tinged with some real funk... All Of A Sudden, once again keeping everything at a solid pace and throwing in some almost Dave Grohl vocals (think early Foo Fighters) to match the mix, elevating the track into something which I wouldn’t think out of place on any festival stage around the UK.... As an album this is one which you’ll listen to and enjoy... providing you with 11 tracks of enjoyment, each one holding something slightly different to the one before... I love the world that’s created when you crack this album on to play, you’re transported to a new world where the rules don’t apply, the music is all that matters and you’re left to simply enjoy every single second of it. ”

Dave Nicholls - Loud Stuff


“Crooked Heart gives us 11 tracks of solid gold. From the get go, with opening track Come On Over, the catchy riffs and emotive vocals supplied by frontman Britt demand our attention and keep us hooked throughout. As we move onto second track All of a Sudden, bass player Tom delivers slick rhythm that is perfectly matched to Alex’s tight drumming. The song carries us along on a journey, narrated with smooth vocals, and makes us wonder why this band cannot be heard on the radio at every available opportunity. Passing Cars sees Britt’s purrs of ‘Could I ever live without it/I don’t want to think about it’ inevitably set in stone our inability to live without Recluse. Think this might be overestimating them? Grab a listen to Crooked Heart and allow this 3 piece band to infect your head and heart; they will fill a hole you never even knew existed. In Retrospect is track number four and combines energetic riffs with heavy bass and hard hitting drums, leading nicely into Heartjacker...”

Hannah Aston - Hevy Petal


“Recluse; small band, big sound. Even the simple hefty riff at the opening of 'Come On Over' makes you question why this isn't currently being played on every rock and indie radio station in the country. There is a sort of penetrating rawness to alot of the tracks, which is especially evident in 'Heartjacker', but far from being a criticism this actually lends an edge to the already sharp sound making for a mix of songs that seem to physically mark you, leaving their impression long after the songs are over. In fact you get so addicted to the harsh guitars and deep reverberating bass that when you get to a song like 'Crown of Sleep' your quite taken aback. The Recluse that your getting here are not just a catchy chorus; they can be haunting, and at some points even beautiful. With a distinct sardonic attitude and authoritative presence i can guarantee that Crooked Heart will quickly twist its way into your soul and leave you reeling for more. ”

Amazon - Amazon


“The group produce a heavy, bass filled sound laced with good emotive vocals, which do the well penned lyrics the justice they deserve. The drumming and guitar riffs are fantastic and the varied sound and up and down nature of the songs takes you on several well directed journeys as you listen. This EP (Anhedonia - http://recluse.bandcamp.com/album/anhedonia) is diverse and shows real talent. It is not just a bombardment of noise, but a show of diverse ability, vocal strength and an ability to rock out, when required. It ticks all the boxes that you want from a rock record and the sound is both unique and fresh. Recluse have avoided the temptation to turn the volume up to full and produce an over heavy record, instead it is an emotive, well structured selection of tracks, which show a great range in ability and an understanding of sound. ”



“Come On Over featuring a hard hitting drum beat before the catchy, yet punchy, guitar riff pushes its way through the barricades... A few harmonic hits, followed by yet more classic riffs bring you on to Lover you start to get a feel for the bands talents of working with different moods.... The EP is full of fast, rhythmic guitar patterns and solos that punch through your head and stick around. The pure meat and noise produced from these three guys are so strong that once they've pierced your head, you can almost feel your mind bleed... it's great! Stranger has an awesome opening also and makes the EP flow into some new realms... We sit back and listen to all the raw musical talent to everyone as they play there four minute instrumental track, filled with different lines of speed and catchiness before it runs out to a nice solid end that makes you want to hear more.”

Gig Reviewer


“Could they reaffirm our view with this new offering? Well, simply, yes they did. Recluse prove again that they are not your average band. The EP opens on an upbeat note with ‘Passing Cars’; although it feels as if it’s lacking a bit of “oomph” in places, as the song progresses the strength of the vocals increases, giving it a much-needed kick. Second track ‘We Could Both Use Someone’ introduces a rather groovy rhythmic accompaniment whilst third track ‘Dirty Blonde’ has a great instrumental section that really shows off each of the guys’ individual talents. The guitar solo in particular sent shivers up my spine. Penultimate track ‘Remain’, so simple yet so full of emotion, was my favourite track of the album, combining a “bare essentials” approach with full-blown heavy instrumentals to accentuate the emotional climaxes to perfection. The acoustic version of ‘Passing Cars’ ends the EP on a subtle note with no grand gestures and no gimmicks; it works wonders”

Room Thirteen (11/13)


“Passing Cars does seem to have everything you’d want from a track, drums, guitar, good vocals and lyrics... I certainly found it to be a track that I could listen to over and over again. We Could Both Use Someone has a softer sound to the previous track and the bass is quite prominent with a nice flow to it. Dirty Blonde is a track not to be messed with and soon as this track came on I cranked up the volume and played it LOUD! ...these guys know what they are doing... Remain, after been completely blown away by Dirty Blonde my heart was slowed down a tad with another track that just begged for more spins... yet again another track that is such a joy to listen to with its simple use of the guys playing some great music. Finally on to an acoustic version of Passing Cars WOW! Simple and precise, a fantastic way to finish an album, not so much going out with a bang, but going out in complete style. I salute you ;)”

Blazing Minds


“Packed full of dark, intriguing tracks, the band make you sit up and take notice straightaway with great guitar riffs throughout opening track ‘Come on Over’. Second track ‘Back in the Ground Again’ is a raw, no-nonsense rock song whilst ‘Lover’ is slightly softer but still retains the band's signature rough edging. Vocalist Britt Roberts’ voice is soft yet gritty with a powerful raw quality which is particularly sexy in this track! ‘Stranger’ has a very attractive bluesy quality which makes it stand out from the other tracks. The final track, ‘Blue Room’, ends the EP on a high; an entirely instrumental track that shows the world just how talented these guys are! Recluse cannot be placed in the same box as your average indie band, for a start, they are not as mind-numbingly boring as the majority of mass-produced indie bands doing the rounds at present; in fact, I’d go as far as to say that, given time, they could do for indie what Black Sabbath did for metal -”

Room Thirteen (10/13)



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