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Horrible / Beautiful

Face down in the cold ground eye-level with dirt the only legacy he left was lost days a borrowed shirt

Honey, if you want me to... I'd lose my teeth for you Tattoo my name across your liver with a practised, shaking hand riddled with fragility I'd pray to anyone

Honey, if you want me to... I'd leave them all for you

One more time I won't yawn again I'll sleep again get warm again I'm drawing circles on my chest again I'm yours again I'm yours again

Face down in the cold ground mouthfuls of earth the only legacy he left was just debt and a borrowed suit honey, if you want me to... do anything for you


Move Me

"I like to watch" he says it slowly through his broken teeth I whisper sweet nothings to no-one don't need to feel because my eyes re like a god to me tonight, anyway oh me, poor me move me

Play it right, you'll be the last thing that this pretty vulture sees tonight, anyway swap your shakes for shudders like your friends for lovers tonight, anyway I like to watch

Oh, what is this? I don't know what he keeps inside but, he's living like a lightning strike ...at least tonight



Look after that hole in your heart motionless, not unseen save up all my sunny days rival, bring me your love not your temper

I felt just like I did when we burned the circus down you hate me now just because I can't bring myself to change your ideas are just so...

I'm ashamed now to be myself oh, I know...I hide it well underneath my temper


Now You're Gone 

One of us will lay here one day at home inside the ground there's a shadow in the kitchen shaped like you

I reminisce about the sweet beginning as I curse the bitter end she doesn't even have the grace to sleep like you

Now you're gone I find myself holding on to the memory of you that I embellish more and more as time goes on now you're gone


Leper Captain

Captain... come and save me from the daydream you are the world to me for fifteen minutes, at least through the lanes over the roofs

I will think of you may my gaze never falter in stoned adoration until... I want another leper captain

just don't be without a friend come on, smell the end oh, I swear you'd love me drunk of course I love you that's why... I want another leper captain


Machine's Way

You speak in your sleep in a language of your own devising there's no cause there's just consequence and a silence that lives inside your room 

I only hung on for you

These wires, that keep me here just electricity nothing... compared to you I feel you here in darkness,  where could I have gone?

I think I've known you for too long my escape would be uncertain now I twist in your arms now your kisses how they burn my throat and scar my face.

I only hung on for you



Treat yourself to a hole in the ground and learn to idolise the fiction of different writers over decades strange...this is so familiar ...yeah

Shapes pulled like sleeplessness from page I breathe your name on glass in secret did you burrow so deep you'll never die? zealot ...this is too familiar ...yeah

subterranean, I'm the king of my dirt snake-oil salesman soothe the holy-water burn 

your idol was drawn in dying colours when you're gone you make no more mistakes though he lived capable of anything his last words? "I'm not built for this"


Bury Us Seperately

I reject your child and mysticism stab me here, where my heart used to be on a shelf inside your room I was jealous of it's view

This isn't lonely, I've been here before this is just a swinging bulb and a hardwood floor ...but it used to be my home

oh, I believe you now

You're where my heart used to be

You resented the currency of the lost they gave you pounds of flesh until the penny dropped but it dropped 

through the night, heavy with rain it's not much use ...but no-one's haunting you

I'm where your heart used to be



Augustus came, he still gets headaches split him right in two...if they could Iron studs and a cane it's all that keeps me sane all that keeps me sane 

...if that's what it is

kids got sick down in the basement chained up to the wall in good faith a lying tongue and the shame it's all that keeps me sane all that keeps me sane 

...if that's what it is



It's hot as sleep in here I cry through broken eyes you should be more like your brother less distressed, but still disguised take a bite from the apple of my eye

Here it comes again days are good or bad I'd only know you by night but the voices, I hear them all

I hate to say it but the prize is taking part oh you, with your 'warmth in the arms of sadness' like lyrics are soaked in rain I know she hates my voice but loves to watch me talk every word I say every word is nonsense every word is strained but I understand it all every word I say every word



It was the girls that did it, they were never good enough if there was one thing Jimmy knew, it was how to give up but it's hard to look cool pulling fruit from a tree on the farm you raise your family on

I love you my girl as young as you are moths circle dying bulbs but I feel the part I've been near limousinesI whisper to the trees and go back to putting food in the ground

I'd buy a new suit every day of the week and spend all the rest boy, I love to drink now it's just wine with dinner, occasionally so drink a bottle of this and be like me


I Only Pretend To Know

Missing trains I sleep for fifteen hours a day she turns to me and crushes out a cigarette and says "Where does it all go?" I turn away I only pretend to know



Come On Over

I only need you when the sun goes down to stay the whisper to my scream I only love you when the sun goes down but am I getting through?

The Angel's chorus hums the Devil's songs an anthem of the night I only love you when the sun goes down but am I getting through?


All of a Sudden

A sweet little hallelujah came snaking from your tongue lit up by TV screens another murder ballad fan the temple of the bedroom is a house on any street all of a sudden, I miss everyone 

Edward, son of David sisters of a Knoxville girl stay away from rivers and the beautiful heroine everyone gets born but the trick is getting old we all get born


Passing Cars

I remember sitting out on the lawn thinking how I love that all my days are gone it's the night from here on in 

Well, it's not much of a view seeing how the only thing I wanted....well, you know

I don't like to talk about it barely even think about it could I ever live without it? I don't want to think about it

I recall trying to get back home but when it's 3am and raining hard...you know Remember praying for passing cars?

It's not much but it's all for you you're the only thing I want and...oh, you know


In Retrospect

I try to recall it something cordoned off in my mind the kindly ones whisper but I'm not designed to hear what they say strange as it may seem to you long may your wings unfold I get so down

So forgive me if I wander far away from the point sweet release, you've got emotions that betray your size tiny revelations are scattered like the thoughts of the insane but I'm still a believer



Scream your lungs out talk is cheap messages in breath and pain chameleonic to the landscape dear constant victim' 'I would die for you' is never good enough go one better, wish that 'you were never born' with a letter they can turn you into God 

You're crumbling beauty at it's best I kiss every line across your face I bet there were days when you thought you would live forever


Dirty Blonde

With holy hands you're drinking dirty water I even miss your silhouette and the beauty of a dirty mouth she selling shelter to my hopeless arms again

Not impressed with sketches of the river she wants to see the water blue it's my mind so I lose it first in the belly of a closed hotel we were dancing in her room to the rhythm of a flickering candle

You live forever in a photograph forever young with a painted mouth I want all my pain at once so i never have to hurt again give my love to the bleeding sun I would only cut you with my tongue

She rolls over and everything's alright for the length of her, her last cigarette and we're back to where, where I begin but she ends...again this is where we end...again



You know me, I'm not for you my gift is pulling through streets where silence is king lying naked on the bed hush

This old message to you covered in sweet perfume I'm hanging on, not pulling through 

Black rose, holy name You know me, I'm kind of you it's so good, you wish I was me bedrooms where silence is key lying naked on the bed



Lover, don't leave me don't you change your style lover, believe me I'm alright 

You've been glowing through our coldest winter yet

Lover believe me, I'm alright I know now I can see it in your face there is no change

I see now shining like oil in the sunlight 

There is no way


Crown of Sleep

It's you that comes to me the other way wouldn't work strange as it may seem, I hear you call the glass beneath the snow cuts clean Ithrough the cold you are crawling on your stomach I see your laughter rings out loud across the burning clouds

I hear your call I hear you call me it's you. my darling friend I call you as I can 

The necklace that you wear gave no luck it's strange to think of you as not around I ended up a fool, at least a fool for you it doesn't seem so bad not to me 

It's you It's you I want my darling friend I call you as I can I miss you, always

You never come It's you I want my darling friend, I miss you always I miss you It's you I recognise your taste I recognise your face as if I'd ever forget It's you I want my darling friend I call you as I can I miss you always I miss you It's only when i get cold I notice you're not around strange as it may seem I hear you call


Porterhoue Blues 

Miles of cassettes full of recorded breathing there's infinite colours, I can name every one his favourite words are pretty, cobweb and blister whatever gets you through the night I know a man who only eats what he kills I'm even jealous that you caught my disease my sister is more like a father to me I am a fool this is my hill of beans she was everything except my pain she'd dance alone in the shower, pretend it was rain the days don't taste so good anymore God is unfamiliar and I'm afraid of change ...with desire in a cold, cold room I've seen a million sunsets a handful of days keep my disguise when the cameras are rolling have a good dream about being bad


Calmer Killer 

For a pretty girl, you got old pretty quick just like your calmer killer

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